Honda Cup Newsletter Number 20 - April 8th 2013

Good news... There was some good news recently when it was confirmed the cyclist who was involved in an accident with competitor Jason Weel as he left the Taupo circuit to head home in January will make a full recovery and that no action was to be taken against Jason. Great news and the right result.

Talking of Jason , he has since sold his lovely Spoon replica Civic EG and has purchased the black endurance specification EK racer that was for sale on Trade Me for a long while. His old car has been purchased by Pierce Clarke who has already done some running and testing as he builds up towards his Honda Cup debut.

Logan Morrell should be back in the saddle for the final two rounds of the Honda Cup, having spent racing weekends as part of three time NZV8 champion John McIntyre's Tauo-based JMR outfit. In addition to that, the Wongs Kitchen-backed team suffered a failure in its venerable H series motor at Hampton Downs.

Four hours? The annual Hampton Downs 12 hour race is on again on the 27 July. Organisers have changed the entry fee structure to make the entry fee all inclusive so practice and pits are included 4 hour entry fee will be $500 and 12 hour $1000 . You can also enter a team of 3 cars for the 4 hour race or 4 cars for the 12 hour race. There will be a prize for the winning team in both the 4 and 12 hour races plus two cups for the winning BMW and Honda teams. We’d be really interested to hear of anyone who is running a Honda is going to drive in it – it is open to Motul Honda Cup-regulated cars.

2013 Dinner and Awards - We are curretly looking at a late August date, August 31st in Taupo. There is a SuperTourer meeting that weekend and we may run a non-championship Prologue event for our drivers as they build towards the 2013-2014 season. Prices are currently being negotiated and the idea would be to have the dinner at the sanme venue and in the same format as in 2012, with racing on the Saturday and Sunday around that. Richard is working on that, and an announcement will follow.

Driver Training Day - Motul Honda Cup is also looking at a date when drivers can come along with their cars to Hampton Downs (probably June 15) and spend a day on track an with some skid pan time, as well as learning the lines and having an expert driver analyse their driving and their car's handling. More details of this to follow - but we can guarantee it will be the best $225 you have spent on your motor racing and that you and your car WILL be faster.

Wrapped with new look – Richard Gee (34) has ditched his familiar camo livery on Car 34 and replaced it with a carbon fibre effect vinyl – covering the entire car.

Inspired by Scott McLaughlin’s V8 SuperTourer, the car turned a few heads on its debut at Hampton Downs Round 4 and picked up its best result so far with second overall for the round. The car carries the branding of the new NZ Racing Drivers League, which you can read about elsewhere in the newsletter.

Dunny Bike - Most of you know that Martin Dunn – a regular in Motul Honda Cup and on NZ circuits for many years – was a former bike racer of serious note. What many of you won’t know is that Martin is one of the small team behind the new 125cc Moto 3 specification IMD bike, which made its debut at Taupo recently. The bike was turning competitive times against more proven machinery on its debut and it is a question of watch this space for future developments.

Across the ditch Our fellow enthusiasts across the ditch have been working hard on coming up with their own Honda series and their plans are progressing superbly. The series director even came down to the Hampton Downs V8 SuperTourer meeting to suss out just how things are done in what is fast becoming the biggest Honda series in the world (if you count both our North and South Island series). The Aussies will be calling their series the VTEC Challenge and both NZ and Australia have consulted together on the rules, which is good news for anyone in the market to buy or sell a car. What price a Trans-Tasman Challenge one day?

Thanks - finally a quick thanks for alot of effort that has gne on in the background with Auckland Car Club and the Historic Car Club who have helped the Motul Honda Cup by allowing it to straddle their single day meetings on May 5 and 6. Hondas will run the meeting effectively as a single one when in fact it is two, and this could not hve been acvhieved without the support and help of Bob White at ACC and Chris Watson at HRC. Thanks to both.

Up and Coming Dates

North Island

Round 6 – April 21st Hampton Downs Monza Meet

Round 7 – May 5th Revised Pukekohe includes 1 hour enduro with double points


Driver and car develpment day - June 15th Hampton Downs

South Island

April 28th Round 6 at Ruapuna

Series Details


Facebook: NZ Hondacup

Championship positions

Catch up with your own position or your rival's or just check put who's where on the North Island or the South Island. Our thanks as ever to Kane Wilson for his spreadsheet skills and turnaround speed with the points.

Results and Points

Hot on You Tube

Just a brief selection of some of the Hond Cup video getting the views out there on the world wide web and You Tube.

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Richard Gee

Warren Tunley

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Ex Walters/Wilson EF Championship winning car

Thailand TCC Honda Integra DC5

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Budget Del Sol

Ex-Levis Civic EF

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State of play – the cards are Marked

As we enter the final stages of the 2012-2013 summer seasons both North and South, it’s Repco-backed Mark Walters up North and Motul supported Mark Meadows on the South Island who are the drivers in pole position for series honours as we enter the closing stages.

Walters appears to have it more or less sewn up in the North, and is yet to play his ace card with Jono Lester alongside him for the double point scoring enduro race. Mark has been competitive at every meeting and in every type of condition, even taking time out to compete in a hillclimb recently (see below) and nobody has really been able to get the measure of him during the season in the North, though Shane Parsons has beaten him fairly and squarely and Colin Abah has given him a real run for his money on occasion too.

It’s been a similar story for Meadows on the South Island. Competitive everywhere and darned good at bringing the car home in first place.

The South Island series heads to Ruapuna for its final round later this month, while the North guys have a round at Hampton Downs and then the enduro meeting. It’s all to play for in the class competitions as well, even if overall the two series now have clear favourites.

Timaru double header

Controversial it might well have been, but Motul Honda Cup achieved something of a feat when it ran a dual North Island and South Island double header together at Timaru recently, and it was 2011-2012 season champion Shane Parsons who stole the show.

Beautiful blue skies greeted the Motul Honda Cup on its third visit to the Levels circuit. The Timaru crowd were in for a treat, with Honda Cup providing the largest single class grid for the Super Truck race meeting. There was to be plenty of action in store for them.

As expected, Shane Parsons (H3 - EF CRX) was quickest in practice with a time of 1:10.792. A surprise was Andrew Brown in the mostly stock EF CRX (H1) with a time of 1:12.471 securing second fastest for him. Series newcomer James Mitchell was an eye-catching third in his DB Integra (H3). North Island visitors Tim Pollard (H3 - DC5 Integra) and Gary Wilson (H1 - EG Civic) completed the top five in practice.

Qualifying rolled around and Parsons was still on top. This time he lowered his best time to 1:09.632. This was a very respectable time on the day, with only the top few OSCA entrants going quicker. Daniel Cropp (H2 - EG Civic) climbed the timesheets to be second. Dave McLean (H3 - DC2 Integra), Mark Meadows (H3 - DC5 Integra) and Brown rounded out the top five heading in to the first race.

Turn One at Levels is always a busy place, but the rolling start added another dynamic. The field got the green light first time around. A hectic start, but only minor panel rubs ensured the entire field was through safely. Parsons moved out to a small but consistent lead, and McLean slipped by Cropp at turn three to take second place. The top three would remain here for the rest of the race. An epic race long David and Goliath battle ensued between Brown and Kevin Ban (H3 - K20 EK Civic), eventually Brown being the victor. Ban completed the race in fifth position.

An action-packed Reverse Top 10 start for race two provided nail biting entertainment. Initially Greg Elder (H2 - DC2 Integra) lead away comfortably, but when he slipped wide with all four wheels in the dirt on turn four, the action began. Glenn Johnston (H2 - DC2 Integra) also slipped wide, causing a dust cloud in the dry conditions. The following racers scattered, and when Cropp arrived, he spun to avoid any contact. The lap one action didn't stop there. Johnston had moved passed Elder at turn 4, but he arrived too hot at turn 8 and spun in to the gravel trap. He would eventually finish a lap down due to the spin. Elder retook first place. The faster entrants would eventually move through the field, as did Cropp. After rejoining the race in last place after his spin, he eventually finished in sixth after an impressive storm through the field. Parsons won the race, with Pollard, Brown, Wilson and Ban completing the top five.

There was more start line entertainment in the handicap start race three. The first group of Rhys Turner (H1 - EF Civic), David Harker (H1 - EK Civic) and Tony Witheridge (H1 - EK Civic) were off safely. The second group of Warren Walker (H1 - EG Civic), Garry Morrell (H2 - DC2 Integra) and David Woodford (H1 - EG Civic) took off, but as Walker entered turn one, his bonnet flew up. After some help from the marshalls, he was off again at the rear of the field. Cropp also had trouble at turn one. An oil leak nearly caused a spin on his own oil, before he parked the car safely at the side of the track. Harker and Witheridge would head out to a good start, with Witheridge hauling in Harker for first place. The field would compress throughout the race, but Witheridge remained on top. Meadows got through for second, and an exciting end for Parsons and Harker resulted in a dead heat. Morrell rounded out the top five.

Boosted by North Island visitors, this was the largest field for Honda Cup in the South Island to date, showing it is moving from strength to strength. The South Island series of Honda Cup now moves to Ruapuna in Christchurch on April 28 for its next meet.

Big names for North Island finale

Big names for North Island finale

Some of New Zealand motor racing’s biggest names are set to join the Motul Honda Cup series for its final round of the 2012-2013 season at the new look Pukekohe on May 5. The Honda Cup will run a short one hour enduro event for two drivers – the regular competitor and a guest driver.

Series leader Mark Walters will have the very talented and versatile Jono Lester on board, the first foray into Honda Cup racing for a driver more familiar with GT specification Mercedes SLS racers and outlandish Time Attack machinery. Last year’s champion Shane Parsons shares with Angus Fogg in the unique ITM Cambridge CRX while Richard Gee will share his two litre EK with two-time world touring car champion Paul Radisich (pictured in his championship winning Mondeo back in the day) .

Andrew Waite – set to take over the seat of the pace setting Tasman Motorsports Ford Falcon for the next few rounds of BNT V8 SuperTourers – lines up with Wellington ace Warren Tunley in his competitive 1.6 Civic as he tries to secure the 1.6 title at the event.

Woodstock Racing ace Andy Booth teams up with youngster Oliver Heycoop whilst fellow V8ST racer Simon Evans is paired with young ace and 1.6 competitor Shaun Morris.

Former Motul Honda Cup champion Justin Herbert lines up with reigning champion Gary Wilson in his 1.6 class car, while over two litre series leader Martin Dunn has John de Veth on board. Series sponsor Tim Pollard make his weekend an all-Motul affair with his South Island distributor and fellow racer Mark Meadows on board the Motul DC5 Integra.

Former NZ Grand Prix competitor and now Motul Honda Cup racer Stuart McChesney has his regular co-pilot from endurance racing Todd Murphy from Thames. Todd and Stuart have competed together for four years and Todd has also raced in the Dubai and Bathurst endurance races with Motorsport Services.

Organiser Alan Stewart commented: “There’s definitely plenty of goodwill to the drivers who have supported SuperTourer meetings with big fields, and of course there are plenty who want to try out the new Pukekohe layout before the SuperTourers visit there at the end of May.”

There will be normal Friday testing at the track, and on Saturday morning there will be a qualifying for regular drivers and an acclimatisation session for guest drivers, with the one hour enduro, featuring one compulsory two minute pit stop for all cars in the afternoon. The enduro race itself will qualify for double points, with the normal Reverse Top Ten and Handicap races scheduled for Sunday morning.


 Honda with added Gull – by Martin Dunn

It was announced at the beginning of the season that Gull would sponsor our race series.

 My initial thoughts were - “Great, a fuel company backing us would be a great idea”, However up until now we have used BP 98 and have done all of our tuning with it and my own car – and most of the others - were set up to run on it.


However, a new challenge for us would also be good to see if we could get some gain in performance by using Gull Force 10, the high octane pump fuel offered by Gull. From asking around we had only heard positive things about it, high performance, low ignition temperature giving an opportunity to move some critical settings in the engine to a more radical approach to test with.


From the first run on the dyno we were incredibly encouraged that this would in fact be of a great benefit and that all the hearsay would come to fruition. The cooler engine temperatures would indeed prove to be a benefit and we managed to extract a few more horses out of our K24 engine. We then began to see slight performance improvements on the track and a much more stable power delivery which does not reduce as much as other fuels on a hot day at the track.


We are sure that this is the result of the added 10% ethanol, and also keeping the octane high at 98. The racing this season has been incredibly close and talking to everyone at the track, they seem to have all had the same or even better experience with the change in fuel this season. I am certainly impressed with the unexpected gains we have had and have now started using Gull fuel for our whole fleet of family cars, as I think many of the drivers do.


You have to be impressed with the speed at which new Gull stations are popping up all around the country and in fact in the village where we live, Snells Beach, North Auckland, one also opened recently. At the last round of the series in Hampton Downs, where we were the largest support class to the BNT V8 SuperTourers, we stayed in Pukekohe at a motel where we often congregate, and sure enough there was a brand new Gull station just near the main roundabout. This was great as it meant no detour to find a suitable station which was often the case when running on the competitor’s fuel brand.

Meet the drivers – Tristan Neate

Age: 33

DoB: 24 Oct 1979

Home Town: Wellington

Car:  Civic 1.6 EF

How long have you been racing?


TN: Since the 2008 SS2000 season  so around 5 years on and off

What is your best racing moment and why?

TN: The rolling starts in the Honda Cup 2012-13 season have been a real blast. 

What do you do for a day job – tell us a little more about that?

TN: Currently I work as Chief Officer for a coastal shipping company called Silver Fern Shipping.  We have 2 ships that trade on the NZ coast.  Our main job is to distribute refined oil products (Petrol, Diesel, Fuel Oil etc) around the main storage centres in NZ.  There is mandated minimum stock level at each centre to maintain plus we have to be able to keep up with the production schedule of the Refinery itself.  I work a 6 week roster meaning that I do 6 weeks away at work and then have 6 weeks at home on leave.  My main job on the ship is to run the crew on a day to day basis including maintenance of the vessel, cargo and future voyage planning (it is my responsibility to ensure that the vessel can enter and depart each port safely with regards to the draft, trim and stability of the ship before going to sea.  It is also a large part of my job to train all the crew in the emergency preparedness training aspects of our job.  Essentially I am the Captains right hand.


What sport have you done before and to what level?

TN: Football (Rep level), Swimming (National level), Golf (Interclub and competition), Cross country mountain biking, Snowboarding, Tennis, etc etc.   Basically I am a very competitive person and this translates well to motorsport. 


What motorsport have you done before?

TN: SS2000/ Honda Challenge was my first foray into motorsport proper. 

What do you think your strengths are as a driver?

TN: Being able to learn tracks quickly as I have limited time to practice between events.

What do you like about racing in the Honda Cup?

TN: The community atmosphere and broad range of people both in age and background that all come together and get amongst it.  Having been involved from the inception of the current series I'm proud to see the class growing and being inclusive, fair and fun racing for all the people that chose to compete together. On the track it's fast and furious but in the pits its relaxed and becoming very professional.


Who is your racing hero and why?

TN: To be honest for me it would have to be Paul Radisich during his BTCC touring car days.  I have always been a fan of tin top touring car racing.  I think it was being able to transfer what I saw on the track as a kid and what was on the road that really resonated with me.  The varied makes and models were really interesting.  I also used to really enjoy watching Owen Evans racing the super quick Porsche 911 turbo back in its heyday.  That car is quite iconic and a few years ago whilst testing out at Pukekohe I got the chance to see it blow past me like I was standing still and then have a look over it when it was back in pit lane.  


And finally, your next mod?

TN: I am definitely going to invest in some new rubber and keep working on the handling aspects of the vehicle.  An 1800cc engine is in the pipeline too as my car is the perfect weight for the H2 class. 

Parallel Lives

It’s been interesting to see what some of our regulars have been up to with their cars outside of the Motul Honda Cup, and no, none of them have been doing any honing on public roads!

Most impressive – though there shouldn’t really be any surprises for anyone there – was Mark Walters’ pace in his local hillclimb with Hamilton Car Club. With wife Carol on board, Mr Motavator shot up the course to a new PB and third fastest time of the day overall.

Two Honda Cup competitors, Walters and Greg Spark headed to the hill to take up the challenge. Both had a great day, with no dramas.

Walters ended up 3rd, 1.4 seconds off the lead, while Spark finished in 11th, setting a new record for himself in the standard Type R Integra. Walters will return to Honda cups next round, while Spark prepares for Nurburgring for another 24hr assault in an Opel.

Brent Hay was also in action, but this time tried his ever-quicker DC2 on the drag strip at Meremere, cutting a 167kph pass. Warren Tunley is also a regular for his car club in Wellington too, and has been blazing the trail with the best Honda times in his local competitions.

Gull Needs You!

We are still looking for three drivers with Gull-branded cars for a free track day on May 1 st at Hampton Downs.  Motul Honda Cup sponsor Gull will have much of the machinery it supports in motor sport along on the day and the Hondas will run in one group away from the drifters and any SuperTourers!

Two seats and a sensible head will be required as the Hondas will be giving hot laps to Gull guests on the day, but it is still a great opportunity to get some valuable track time in. There’s no charge for the track time, and Gull will provide fuel vouchers for the Honda Cup drivers and cars who attend. Can’t be bad! Email