2011 Series Newsletter Number 8 - July 14th 2011

Taupo enduro cancelled - It's not too late to enter if you have a car parked in the garage and were planning to take part in the 12 hour enduro round at Taupo this weekend. If you have a prepped Honda out there sat in the garage doing nothing, then bring it up to Pukekohe and get out there for some racing with the Honda drivers...! If there are any on the newsletter recipient list, and you do fancy racing,then flick series organiser Alan Stewart an email on the contact details below.

Testing and stickers
There will be testing at the track on Saturday and we are aware that a few of the drivers are scheduled to take part in that. Series officials will also be on hand with class stickers and information, so if you have any stickers to put on, please get that sorted Saturday as there is likely to be less time on Sunday available to sort everything out.

Build a racecar series of articles - R Works, Speedfactor and a few other Honda specialists are all going to be contributing some insider information for a series of articles we are planning on running on the must dos and must not dos of racing car builds. Don't expect to end up with a trick DC2 like Justin Herbert or Alan Stewart, but you should find alot of the information very useful indeed.

New cars this weekend - Thanks to the sterling efforts of a coupleof our drivers behind the scenes, we are hoping to see another car or two from the New Zealand production car championship out this wekeend with Motul Honda Cup. With the future of that series unclear, as with a significant number of current series, it is great to see these drivers getting out there and racing in Honda Cup - they are all very welcome indeed and add immense credibility to what we are trying to achieve.

Pow wow - It would be great to see all of our drivers bright eyed and bushy tailed on Sunday morning for a quick meeting as we plan to cover off some of the items we have been working on in recent weeks with regard to the future of the series. More important than anything is the feedback from the drivers- are we heading in the right direction? What do people want? Sunday morning will be a great chance to air your views and hear what our plans are.

All general info at www.hondacup.co.nz and up and coming dates are as follows:

Round 4 - August 7th - Manfeild
Unofficial testing/practice - September 17th - Taupo sprint
Round 5 - Taupo long track

Series contacts

Race Director
Alan Stewart

Series Co-ordinator
Scotty Smith

Series Secretary
Bronwyn Donald

Marketing and Promotions
Richard Gee

Technical Officer
Wayne Chapman

Fine weather and big entry on the cards

The daunting and high speed Pukekohe this weekend is the venue for Round 3 and for many of the Motul Honda Cup drivers, it is a well known circuit as a result of its busy track day scene amongst the Auckland community.

As a power circuit, it is likely to favour the more powerful Hondas this weekend, so look no further than the K20A powered cars of Shaun van Beers, Colin Abah, Steve Taylor and Tim Pollard to set a brisk pace, but with series organiser Alan Stewart scheduled to run in his very special B series powered DC2, which can produce some very startling times at the track.

With the weather scheduled to improve for Sunday as the dreadful conditions that seem to have prevailed in the country since Round 2 subside, the 1.6 brigade will probably be biting at their ankles of the bigger cars rather than being at the sharpest end of the field but look no further than Mark Walters, Gary Wilson, Tim Blackwell-Chin, Dave Harker and Richard Gee for the faster times, though there are a few series newcomers who could produce a surprising result - Warren Tunley and Logan Morrell  (pictured in his lovely black EK sedan) to name just two.

Motul Honda Cup has the opportunity to test on Saturday and the series will be supporting the other regular Winter Series classes that run at Pukekohe and Hampton Downs.Hondas have outnumbered the other classes combined at the previous two meetings and as of today (Thursday) entries were looking very good.

Pukekohe - motor racing hallowed ground

What many of our new racers may not realise about the venue for Round 3 - Pukekohe - is that it is a circuit steeped in motor sport tradition, and that's not just kiwi tradition, but also global motorsport.

It was opened in 1963 as a permanent track, replacing Ardmore (an aerodrome) as the host circuit of the New Zealand Grand Prix. Annually for several years, the mainly European based Grand Prix drivers such as Stirling Moss, Graham Hill, Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart, would head downunder for a relaxed Tasman Series during the European winter. In short, most if no all of the true greats of that era raced at Pukekohe. The picture shows the cars of Chris Amon, Jim Clark and Pedro Rodriguez being positioned at he start. Top line racing was a common sight. 

For many years Pukekohe was the venue for New Zealand's premier production car race, the Benson and Hedges 500 mile race (later 1000km) featuring drivers such as Leo Leonard and Jim Richards. It held an annual round of the popular Australian V8 Supercar race from 2001 to 2007. However, the New Zealand round moved to Hamilton Street Circuit in 2008.

The circuit is currently 2.82 kilometres (1.8 miles) long, having been shortened from its original combined 3.5 kilometres (2.2 miles) length when combined with the now defunct club circuit. Its visibility is low because the corridor of Armco barriers is only inches from the track on both sides.[1] It is seen as one of the fastest of all southern hemisphere circuits with the lap record at around 55 seconds and a very long back straight leading into a 50 km/h (31 mph) hairpin. In order to win on this is a track, the driver needs good entry onto the back straight. Furthermore, the driver also needs to drive the car right to its full potential.

Series points after Round 2


1 Mark Walters Civic H1  198
2 Richard Gee Civic H1  182
3 Martin Dunn Integra H2  175
4 Gary Wilson Civic H1  169
5 Shaun Van Beers Integra H2 160
6 Ben Sunckell Civic H1  132
7 Peter Dudson Integra H2  122
8 David Harker Civic H1  115
9 Jason Weel Civic H1  112
10 Colin Abah Civic H2  107
11 Steve Taylor Civic H2  97
12 Andrew Johnson Civic H2  84
13= Logan Morrell Civic HU  79
13= Rik Wakelin Civic H1  79
15  Tim Blackwell-Chin Civic H1 67
16  Haden Walsh Civic HU  63
17= Garry Morrell Integra H2 61
17= Mike Brownlie Integra H2 61
17= Yun Liu Integra H2  61
20  Trevor Strong Civic H2  52

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