2011 Series Newsletter Number 1 - April 27th 2011

Taupo pictures - We have arranged for one of New Zealand's top motorsport photographers to come along to the first round at Taupo and the second round at Hampton Downs. He'll be aiming to take pictures of every car and every driver beside their car so make sure your racer, lid and overalls are looking a million dollars.

You'll be able to view his shots - hopefully during race day - or at least on a gallery on the Motul HondaCup web site and of course you'll be able to buy prints or high resolution files. It's all part of adding a professional touch to the series and making sure all of our drivers have easy access to images of them racing for themselves and their sponsors and supporters.

Sponsors - Our sponsors are back for more, and we have some new ones on board as well. Why do we have sponsors? Well, it's not just for the cash, though that always helps! We are lucky enough to receive a number of giveaways which make our regular draws a win-win for sponsor and competitor alike. And we want all of our drivers to have a bit of fun off the track as well as on it.

So welcome back Motul of course, as well as Endless Brakes, NZ Hondas, Marvel, GearX and Daikin Heat Pumps and welcome aboard Wattbike - the best way to get fit for life and more importantly, motor racing!

Marvel's Silver Dream Racers Ride again

Racer Tim Blackwell-Chin has also brought his Marvel brand into the fold again by putting up a very welcome trophy for the Silver Speeders. The Marvel Cup is a class for Over 50s and is a great way to encourage more of the country's more experienced Honda drivers to try out racing.

Tyres - those black things that give you a headache!

Most of us struggle when we set out racing to pick the right tyre. Or is it just that there isn't a right tyre for everyone? You can get a wide range of opinions on general forums. on the HondaCup forum or the HondaCup section of the NZ Hondas forum you will get advice from experienced racers and track day specialists.

There are a huge range of options in 15, 16 and 17 inch and generally the bigger you go, the more expensive the rubber. There is a growing second hand market for slick tyres, particularly long lasting ones like series sponsor Hankook.

Toyo's R888s work well for all conditions and are frequently available on NZ Hondas and Trade Me. Keep on the look out for a bargain and if in doubt - get in touch with one of the guys below and they will be happy to give you the benefit of their own experiences.

Series regulations

There's still time to make a few changes to your track day weapons and get out their racing with the best Hondas and best Honda drivers in New Zealand. For a full set of series regulations, click here

Series contacts

Race Director

Alan Stewart

Series Co-ordinator

Scotty Smith

Series Secretary

Bronwyn Donald

Marketing and Promotions

Richard Gee

Technical Officer

Wayne Chapman

Richard Gee
HeadliNZ Marketing Limited Home: 07 5525833
Mobile: 0210 2711926

It's back! And it's bigger than ever. The 2011 Motul HondaCup is New Zealand's fastest growing motorsport series providing the perfect platform for both motorsport and Honda enthusiasts to make the leap from the garage or the track day to the race track.

Back is the exciting raceday format. A one day format with qualifying, a Scratch race featuring a grid made up of the fastest to the slowest, a Reverse Top Ten grid and a third race in Handicap format. In short, everyone has a chance of glory. It's down to you. It's a great community too - you will find plenty of people eager to share knowledge and experience to help YOU get the most out of yourself and your car. From tyres to sponsorship, there'll be someone to help with ideas and advice.

We firmly believe that for anyone racing in the Winter, or at any time for that matter, costs are key and we are aiming to keep those to an absolute minimum. We race on all of the North Island's tracks, the technical short circuit at Taupo, the fabulous Hampton Downs, the daunting Pukekohe, the challenging Manfeild and the awesome A1GP track at Taupo. It starts on May 28th with our series technical day and testing at Taupo's short track, with the first race day on May 29th. It's going to be big, and it's going to get bigger.


May 28th - Series Tech day and unofficial testing / practice (Taupo Sprint)

Round 1 – May 29th – Taupo – short track

Round 2 – June19th – Hampton Downs

Round 3 – July 17th – Pukekohe

Round 4 – August 7th – Manfeild

Unofficial testing/practice – September 17th – Taupo sprint

Round 5 – September 18th – Taupo long track

Motul HondaCup – bring it on!

Motul Oil NZ has confirmed as the series Principal Partner for 2011. Tim Pollard, MD of Motul Oil NZ and regular racer said that Motul will again be the major supporter and naming sponsor for the 2011 Honda Cup Winter Series. This is the third Honda Cup Series for Motul NZ.

Tim commented: Motul New Zealand is delighted to once again sponsor this growing series for 2011. We've seen a high level of support for Motul from both the series organisers, competitors and even the series followers, of which there are many who come to the races and talk about it afterwards on the series forum and on NZ Hondas.

Tim is aiming to campaign his superb ex-factory Motul Integra DC5 in the forthcoming series and also expects to be running in the recently announce team competition with a yet to be named 1600 class driver. Watch this space!

Special offer for Round 1's first 25

If you haven't already signed up for Round 1 at Taupo, then we suggest you get a move on! Series sponsor Motul is giving away one of its excellent motorsport caps and a Motul T–shirt to the first 25 drivers who get their entries in.

Someone famous in motorsport once said – 'If it looks right, it usually is right' and that certainly applies to the cap and t-shirt – a superb addition to the weekend wardrobe for any self respecting racer! You can confirm your entry by contacting series organiser Alan Stewart at racedir@hondacup.co.nz

Taupo – Round 1

Taupo is the venue for our first round.

There are four different layouts – a 3.5km, 3.4km, 2.2km and 1.3km option – a three–story pit lane complex with 32 ground floor pit garages and even an NHRA standard drag strip (830 metre long, 17 metres wide). The motor racing circuit has various licences ranging from National Grade 1 Motorsport License, FIA Grade 2 Motorsport License and International Motorcycling Safety Standards depending on which track configuration.

We'll be running Round 1 on the short circuit which is a highly technical circuit taking around 1 minute and 20 seconds to complete and includes the great infield section and the fast left hand Turn 8 before a tight right left combination that brings you back onto the latter portion of the back straight.

You'll need a good rhythm, the right lines are crucial to a fast and consistent lap time and there are a number of places to complete a pass. Exit understeer is going to slow you down, so set up should focus on eradicating that. If you don't know where to start with that, flick any of the series contacts an email and they'll give you the benefit of their advice, but remember, set up detail is very much a personal preference and there's nothing like a few laps first to gauge where you are at and what part of the car's handling you are comfortable with before tinkering, even though tinkering is one of the best parts of the racing weekend!

Class of 2010 – you in 2011?

Class winners 2010

0-1600 – Brent Thompson (EG)

1601-2000 – Andrew Johnson (EF)

2001-2200 – Justin Herbert (DC2)


Best Prepared VehicleStrong for Honda Trophy – Rob Sutherland

Most Improved DriverWayne Chapman Award – Jason Weel

Sportsman of the YearEndless Brakes Trophy – Brent Hay