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Accord CL9 Specification Sheet

The Accord CL9 has joined the NZ Motul Honda Cup Production Class, with a set of specifications to allow these CL9s to be competitive with the existing Production Class fleet while maintaining similar lap times, governed by a combination of the specifications, engine power (kw) and class weights.

Accord CL9 Specifications

  • Stock block, head and cams K24 50 Degree VTC actuator

  • Type R oil pump, Alloy sump with baffle kit

  • Extreme racing DC5 type clutch, lightweight flywheel

  • ECU re flashed and custom tuned by E&H

  • Manual 6 speed gearbox with Factory LSD 4.7 Final drive DC5 R / CL7 gear ratios

  • FIA 6 point roll cage

  • PLM Exhaust manifold with custom 3” stainless exhaust incl 2 mufflers

  • Race engine mounts innovative

  • Front and rear Hardrace camber adjusters

  • Full custom STD race shocks with 22/20KG springs

  • Rear adjustable sway bar 

  • DTM Gravity race wheels 17x8 33 offset

  • Spare stock wheels (for wets)

  • Front brake pads control Hawk DTC60

  • Nankang AR-1 semi slick tyres 225/45/17

The CL9S are being built to production class specifications allowing for close competitive racing. 5 cars have been built ready to race in the Honda Cup 2023 - 2024 race season.

How much is it going to cost?

Reducing the barrier to entry, with a low-cost form of competitive motorsport.

  • $7,500 lease per season - October - April.

  • $1500 tyre budget - Likely 4 - 6 tyres per season. Your decision.

  • $450 - $500 per round entry fee - 5 rounds per season. 

  • $50 Club membership

  • $200 Series entry fee. 

All prices include GST

Do the maths - So cheap - Step into an immediately competitive car!

Find a mate and sort out who is the better driver on the track once and for all!

For more information please contact our series coordinator at


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