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We have accumulated here the latest documentation for you to download and digest.

Articles and technical regulations are updated annually ahead of the coming season. Policy, forms and other documents are made available and updated from time to time. 

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Honda Cup Racing Series
Articles & Constitution

2023-24 Season Articles - Updated

Honda Racing Series Constitution

Technical Regulations

Honda Cup Open Class

Honda Cup Production Class

Other Documentation

Honda Cup Driver Profile

Required Driver Experience

Honda Cup Series Entry Membership Form

Honda Cup Tyre Detail Form

Hankook Competition Tyre Order Form

Addendum Technical Regulations for Tyres

Honda Cup have needed to change our tyre rules for this season. We have opened up the tyre regulations for the Open class due to the challenges faced with Hankook slick supply of motorsport tyres. We have been unable to secure enough slicks for the start of the 2023/2024 season. Honda Cup will now allow any commercially available motorsport tyre sold new in New Zealand for use the Open class. The wheel size rules remain so the tyre must fit the wheel / rim. For the Production class, Honda Cup have secured great pricing and an arrangement with the suppliers for the Nankang AR-1 tyre and this will be the control tyre for the Production class. Further information can be found in the Technical Regulations specific to Open & Production.


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