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Motul Honda Cup Series
Class Groupings

The Honda Cup Series includes a number of classes in two groupings. These class groups then race for the Honda Cup Open Class and the Honda Cup Production Class championships within the series. 

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Honda Cup Open Class


The Open class includes H2, H3, H4 and H5 class variants. H2 and H3 having very open modification rules. H4 is based on the standard K24 engine and head. Race weights are set to level out the field. 


H2  -  B18C  -  Open / Modified           

H3  -  K20A  -  Open / Modified

H4  -  K24A   -  Std Engine & Head

H5  -  K24A   -  Open / Modified

HU  -               -  Experimental

Honda Cup Tech Regulations
Honda Cup Production Class


The Production class includes N1 and N2 class variants. N2 class is for 'modern chassis' starting from year 2000. N1 class is for the 'classic chassis' prior to 2000.


N1  -  EF, DA, EG, EK  -  B16A Std Engine & Head  

N1  -  DC2, DC2R        -  B18C Std Engine & Head  

N2  -  DC5, EP3, CL7   -  K20A Std Engine & Head

N2  -  CL9                     -  K24A Std Engine & Head

Honda Cup Production Tech Regulations

Honda Cup Membership

Get your application filled out and sent through to us to have your application reviewed for the coming season. 

Honda Cup Membership Application

Required Driver Experience

For the safety of everyone on the track, we do have required driver experience to be considered. Please see the policy here.

Driver Experience Policy

Did You know?

ONLY $215*
That's your entry fee to experience your first ever round with Honda Cup NZ.
*That's a full weekend of racing for the price of a track day! 
*Requires a Honda Cup membership and MSNZ driver's license

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